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Success Story:

Congratulations to the University of Maine and their now effective tobacco-free policy, learn more about this success story below and through this WCSH-6 News Story.

The University of Maine in Orono will adopt a tobacco-free campus policy, effective Jan. 1, 2011.  In keeping with a growing trend at colleges and universities around the U.S., UMaine will extend its current prohibition on smoking inside buildings to include campus grounds.  The new policy will apply to all tobacco and smoking products.

This new initiative represents an extension of UMaine’s student and employee wellness initiatives, all aimed at fostering a healthier, more productive living/learning environment while working toward reduced healthcare costs.

UMaine will provide assistance to those members of the university community who wish to overcome tobacco addictions between now and the implementation date.

The university announced in early 2007 its plans to move toward this policy.  Since then, a committee made up of students, staff and faculty members has been examining relevant issues and preparing for implementation.

Upcoming Events

  • Tobacco-Free College Peer-to-Peer Workshop
    • Join the Maine Tobacco-Free College Network and Maine colleges and universities for a free workshop to discuss successes and challenges in adopting, implementing and enforcing tobacco-free college policies.  This event will provide an opportunity to learn about best practices and real world steps for creating tobacco-free campuses, provide resouces and tools, and a free lunch will be included. 
    • Thursday, November 15th, 10am-1pm
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  • Free Webinar: Creating Tobacco-Free Colleges & Meeting the Gold Star Standards of Excellence

Press Links

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